Monday, 19 November 2012

Low Salicylate, Fried Leek, Cabbage and Quinoa Dish

Yummy, failsafe, easy to make low salicylate recipe!

1 cup Quinoa (soak overnight in filtered water, and rinse through a sieve before use) IMPORTANT for proper digestion and removing lectins
2 leeks
250gms of butter or if you can't tolerate butter some cold pressed organic sunflower oil
A bunch of shallots
If you can tolerate moderate sals use a cup of frozen peas as well
1/4- half a cabbage
500gms organic lamb mince (optional is just as nice without)

Put around 1/2 cups of filtered water in saucepan with rinsed, soaked quinoa on high
Chop up the cabbage, leeks and shallots, if you are using mince start frying it off in butter or oil, once lightly seared throw in the vegetables and put the lid on and simmer for 5 mins
Take off the lid and fry the veggies  until lightly golden, add peas if you are using them and mix until soft.
Cook the quinoa until it has soaked up all the water and they are swollen and can see the white rings.
Mix the quinoa with the vegetables and serve!

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